Wednesday, March 29, 2017


 RuPaul's Drag Race started off the season 9 premiere with a bang, introducing guest judge Lady Gaga, finally...and what an entrance, and ending the episode with a shocking twist. I finally saw it Monday when I got back in. And I was highly impressed with the breath of fresh air Ru has given the show. Like most season's there’s one contestant that’s so confident in herself, and so uniquely talented, that the true race becomes who will make it to the Top 3 — because who’s getting the crown is already a forgone conclusion. This may be the case with season 9. If we’re going to pour the tea dalhings, we have to say that half this cast feels a little lackluster at the jump… however, if anyone knows how to keep a show fresh, it’ RuPaul. My observations....

1- First off... Lady Gaga was everything! And her being there affected every one of these queens, It was a touching moment I thought for both parties.

2-Luckily, there are several queens who come in hot. One them for me was Nina Bo'nina Brown. Not knowing anything about this one, I reserved comment. The moment Nina Bo'nina Brown enters the work room, we are transfixed. She’s got that “it” quality that instantly sets her apart from the rest of the girls. Her work on the catwalk only further impresses on us that she’s one of the ones to beat this season. We will see. We have seen some queens get over confident, and the stress of competition takes even the most confident queen apart, then not win.

3-So aside from Nina, there’s  52-year-old Charlie Hides.
A seasoned queen! His experience, seasoned talent and naturally hilarious personality will make him an easy fan favorite. Having the oldest contestant ever be named as “America’s Next Drag Superstar” would also exemplify all that is so great about this series — it would be very on-brand for the compassionate and inclusive philosophy of the way Ru looks at our humanity and our future to go for it with Charlie. Having see him, he's a absolute riot. I have long adored him.

4- This season’s Detox, bald-headed beauty Sasha Velour, could be the dark horse of Season 9. I'm excited to see all the kinds of crazy this queen will send down the runway in the coming weeks, and she is a true artist, hence last week's video I posted. It's not often these days we come across the avant garde.

5-Drag baby Valentina, who’s only been working in the field for 10 months, wins my first impression rose for personality. She is a delight to watch, and adorable as hell as a boy, but is probably to green for a top three I think.

6- These days in drag, Brooklyn is where the fresh ideas and looks are coming from. And I agree completely with Lady Gaga on Aja. She will surprise us constantly. If she does half of what I have seen her do, she should place top 5 at least. But I don't see a win.

7- I knew nothing of Eureka, but I am enjoying her outlook, style and her camera time. Do I like her as much as Latrice or Ginger? No, but I still enjoy her and want to see more.

8- LOVE Alexis Michelle. Just wait till she's warmed up. I'm still getting a top 5 vibe here.

9-Jaymes Mansfield should be cute. But I'm not feeling anything about this queen, except annoying as hell.  Another one I'm not feeling is Kimora. I licked her once. Bitter, just as I excepted.

10- LOVED MICHELLE VISAGE'S HAIR STYLE!!! I also love that she snipes with Ross Matthews. I'm with her on this. I could never take that voice of his for a full hour. You can tell she wants to scratch out his eyes.

And right when we’re ready to sashay away for the premiere, RuPaul announces there’s one more SURPRISE...... it’s to make way for a 14th contestant will be joining the series. I had heard rumors of this but wasn't sure whether to believe it. My guesses would be.....

This list would not be complete if we didn't guess Shangela first... because we've learned to never count her out. But I don't think it's her.

Who didn't love the hilarious and fabulous Cynthia Lee Fontaine? And by the figure they showed, the queen appeared to be smaller framed.

Mama Ru could bring back the dramatic but loveable Acid Betty.
If there was anyone from the most recent season that would make for an entertaining addition, it would be this queen. As the fifth contestant voted out, she left early enough in the season that a second chance is more than warranted. But again the figure looked too short to be her.

Laganja Estranja has gone on to be one of the most divisive queens since competing during her season of the show. Her addition would not only make for an entertaining choice, but a reflective one. She's grown so much as a queen since her time on the series. And Laganja has the style of that outfit the shadowed queen was wearing.

and finally...April Carrion.
This queen left early in her season and is due for another opportunity. Her aesthetic fits perfectly with the current queens competing for the crown this season. She wasn't given a chance to show off her full potential as she was the fourth queen to leave the competition. And again, that shadowed figure looked much like her figure and that hair style. She'd be my best guess.

Who is she? I haven’t a clue, but those are my best guesses. And though I've now watched that ending moment of the premiere a zillion times, I still can’t confidently figure out a solid guess. Who ever it is let's just sit back and enjoy the drama unfold.......

Monday, March 27, 2017


When the Mistress got back in today, I tell you, it was nothing about a socialite, ladies who lunch, day of lounge. I did absolutely nothing, after such a relaxing weekend. I had been invited by my friend the Professor, and my other friend Preston also went along to the Catskills for a spring, but seemed like a winter get-a-way. I had only been once prior, but I had remembered my father saying his parents had a summer home with another couple in the Catskills, and they would practically live there in the summers. Could be why I enjoyed myself so much. While it was mild, they still had a lot of snow there from the last storm. The Catskills are an ideal escape from NYC and Philadelphia, with rolling mountains, farmhouses, B&B's , and a quick respite for those of us who live in the over crowded city or some suburbs, and is also where the arty types from the sister cities build their "other" Pied-a-terre.
From Spillian's website.

I was told to expect artist, poets types, fledgling actors, and lots of sandals and granola, Mother Earth types. That was fine by me, these are the people who make life interesting. The place prides itself on creating a peaceful and open atmosphere so people can inspire, and be themselves. The place we stayed at was the Spillian, and even though I had no idea where in hell we was gorgeous!

Built in the early 1880’s by the Fleischmann's Yeast family, who were an extraordinary example of the sprawling, brilliantly-big visioned ambition of the Industrial Revolution, Spillian was part of a 160 acre compound with half a dozen or more mansions. Each of the five siblings from the first generation of Fleischmann's, immigrants from Eastern Europe, had a summer “cottage” here. The property is a classic version of Stick Style Architecture — a transitional style moving from Victorian to the 20th Century Arts and Crafts Movement. When I asked who the architect was they said they are still digging to see if they can discover the architect for the buildings, but are increasingly thinking that they were designed by a major architect of the period. When the Fleischmanns arrived in the Catskills to build this property, they had a major national company and were making a point about creating their own elegant rustic mountain experience during an era of heavy anti-Semitism. The house is remarkably intact, with clear pine paneling throughout and extraordinary hand painted murals on the walls that date from the Fleischmann era.  As you walk the grounds, you’ll see an exquisite ice house, a spring house, a second cottage built for summer housing and they still have part of a farm that is still up and running.
 Most nights they serve dinner in the dinning room to all the guest at once, so it feels like one huge dinner party.

Take a gander at the beautiful wall mural paintings on that paneling. You just don't see that now a days.
Oh, and don’t forget the naps. It practically is a requirement. But how could one sleep with such beauty.....and three of us slept in that bed!

We also got to see the coop of chickens and they let you feed them in the morning at the Palais de Chicks. Fresh eggs in the morning!!!!!
And the Spillian's horse, Ivy the Wonderful.
And if you have to get out of the house, the nearby Kaaterskill Falls makes a fine hiking experience – even when it is covered fully in snow, it makes for beautiful snaps. It was tough hiking around minute there was no snow, then all of a sudden there would be a foot of snow depending on how it was melting and where it was located.

And of course I had a special martini the bartender made me, Beet Martini and it was surprisingly tasty....
Preston caught yours truly and the Professor in a gratuitous shot in the hot tub for a soak. But I didn't care, it felt like heaven....
And my favorite part of the weekend had to be Saturday at sunset....a outdoor campfire with bottles of cider wine. Worth the whole trip alone.
Now that was pretty damn cool. One must live . As Oscar Wilde said once,
" Hear no evil, Speak no evil, and you'll never be invited to parties."

OH GAWD.......

It's Monday AGAIN!!!!

I'll be with you soon....but in the meantime, it's gonna take a lot a coffee. Then maybe some sleeping in.

Sunday, March 26, 2017


Whilst I'm still away for the weekend, in the Catskills, catskilling, I had finally got around to posting this little ditty I saw over at Anne Marie's joint lying around. If your life were a movie, what would the soundtrack be for parts of the movie. you can see, it was a taxing time going through all the vinyl's, But here is what I came up with. Actually, I do have a soundtrack that plays in my head for different things happening, so this wasn't to far off.

Opening Credits:
It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day- Soul System  

Waking Up Scene:
Black Coffee- Julie London 

Car Driving Scene:
Last Night-Stephane Pompougnac   

High School Flashback Scene:
Look At Me- Geri Halliwell   

Nostalgic Scene:
You Know I'm No Good-Amy Winehouse  

Steamy Love Scene:
Justify My Love-Madonna   

Beach Scene:
The Boys of Summer- Don Henley   

Bitter Angry Scene:
You Don't Own Me- Leslie Gore   

Breakup Scene
The Man That Got Away-Judy Garland
Regret Scene
Love Is a Losing Game-Amy Winehouse  

Nightclub/Bar Scene:
Diva's To The Dancefloor- EG Fullalove   

Fight/Action Scene:
Strict Machine-Goldfrapp  

Saturday Morning/Cleaning the House Scene:
Back to My Roots- RuPaul

Lawn Mowing Scene:
Four Seasons- Vivaldi
Couldn't resist a snap from last summer of me mowing the lawn at the Casa....

Sad Breakdown Scene:
Hard Candied Christmas- Dolly Parton   

Happy Friend Scene:
Don't Get Me Wrong- The Pretenders   

Dreaming About That Special Someone Scene:
I've Got A Crush on You- Julie London 

Contemplation Scene:
I Have A Dream- ABBA   

Chase Scene:
We Like to Party- Vengaboys  

Happy Holding Hands Walking Through the Park Love Scene:
Hold My Hand- Jess Glynne
Death Scene:
O Fortuna ~ Carmina Burana-Carl Ortt  

Funeral Scene:
Take A Bow-Madonna  

Closing Credits:
One Man (Ain't Quite Enough)-Pearl Bailey

If any of you take this and run with it, I'll look forward to reading it!!!

Friday, March 24, 2017


Let's all join Rerun!!!! I know it sums up my mood for this Friday!

She was after all strong and bold just like gin. I'll have to work on this........
See you next Sunday for a post....I'm out for the weekend to the Catskills.....


In this weekly feature, I'll share a picture of a weekly guest and you tell me in only three words what come to mind.
In three words, yesterday's Birthday girl...
Joan Crawford.......

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Sasha Velour is an up-and-coming fireball of talent, and campy fashion shaker, that resides in New York City. Graphic designer, cartoonist, illustrator, and most importantly drag artiste.

Sasha is the first drag performer, I've seen, that uses visual art in her numbers as a way of storytelling. She wanted more tools to share that narrative with the audience, so she started to use projected images…and from there she just went bonkers. Take a look at the phenomenal performance of her's titled Cellphone. It's the most avant garde thing you see all day. I have never seen anything like it. I was literally speechless. Sasha can also be seen this Friday when the ninth season of RuPaul's Drag Race starts. This is promising to be a group of the most talented season yet.

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