Wednesday, December 7, 2016


The Mistress is very excited for tomorrow night. My favorite group of boys is coming back to Philadelphia again. Well Strung! You have probably heard of them, or remember me doing several posts on them from my other 7 times I have met them. These guys are so nice and those smiles of theirs, smiles and personality so dazzling, that they can make a bitch faint. Which I did faint. I didn't drop to my knees and paw hungrily at them in an attempt to make them even happier!!!
Well-Strung, a New York City based string quartet, derives their unique blend of vocals and strings by brilliantly fusing mostly classical music with the pop music of today. Well-Strung has been receiving rave reviews at Feinstein’s/54 Below and all over the world, from the House of Blues in New Orleans to the Leicester Square Theatre in London. From Taylor Swift to Beethoven, selections will be performed from the most beautiful and traditional melodies to irreverent “newly-observed “ chart toppers...and everything in between. A Well-Strung Christmas, which will include the most beautiful and traditional melodies, such as Silent Night to irreverent “newly observed” versions of things like I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus and the famous Sleighride, to George Michael’s This Christmas. These guys are not only very talented, but who will complain about them being very easy on the eyes!!

Edmund-1st violin

Christopher- 2nd violin



They are all very sweet and personable......unfortunately their also all spoken for.  I also feel these guys are great at introducing a younger generation to classical music in a fun and updated way, by using pop songs with a classical sound. Ever since seeing them the first time in Provincetown, they have had me hooked and I never tire of seeing them. Anyone interested in the Well- Strung concert, it is Thursday evening at 8:00pm at the Perelman Theater. I'll be there with bells on. Tickets can be purchased here. And check out Well Strung's schedule to see if they will be coming to your WON'T regret it.
Check it out....beautiful!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


If any of you plan to be in the Philadelphia area this month or live in the area, love architecture, history and Christmas, then do I have the event for you. This past weekend I was thrilled to head down to the beautiful Fairmount Park neighborhood which runs along the riverfront. This years holiday tour of the historic mansions didn't disappoint. Talk about getting in the holiday spirit while discovering gems of Philadelphia’s past, as the Historic Houses of Fairmount Park opened their doors all month long. During the holidays, Fairmount Park’s historic mansions get all dressed up and merrily decked out for the season during the annual Historic Houses of Fairmount Park Holiday Tours. Decorated by local interior designers and garden clubs, six of the seven historic houses — Cedar Grove, Laurel Hill, Lemon Hill, Mount Pleasant, Strawberry Mansion and Woodford Mansion — welcome visitors with festive adornments trimming the well-preserved historic interiors. Each mansion promised a different theme and varied holiday.

Lemon Hill
Robert Morris, merchant, entrepreneur and financier, accumulated land along the East bank of the Schuylkill River circa 1770.  Morris was a major financier of the Revolution, signer of both the Declaration of Independence and, later, the Constitution. The estate was known as “The Hills” and included an elegant greenhouse in addition to barns and outbuildings making up this working farm.

Strawberry Mansion

The featured stories of this Federal style house span over three centuries and incorporate the life of the acclaimed colonial Judge William Lewis (1752-1819) to the national celebration of the Sesquicentennial of 1926 (celebrating America’s 150th anniversary.)  Of course the story involves tales of lavish parties and strawberries.

Mount Pleasant
A colorful Scottish sea captain and American patriot, John Macpherson (1726–1792) and his first wife Margaret built this grand country estate and productive farm in the mid 1760’s to the delight of many from Philadelphia society, including statesman John Adams, prior to his Presidency. This home is built high atop cliffs overlooking the Schuylkill River and the Macphersons employed as their builder-architect Thomas Nevell, an apprentice of Edmund Woolley, the builder of Independence Hall.

Laurel Hill
Rebecca Rawle, a wealthy widow with three young children,  built this small country house around 1767. Her second marriage was to the British Loyalist and former Mayor of Philadelphia Samuel Shoemaker.   Her home was seized during the Revolution, and the years that followed were difficult for Rebecca and her family.  Rebecca spent several years trying to reclaim her house, which was sold in 1782 to Major James Parr. She was able to buy back Laurel Hill and pay off some debts in part by using some of the profits on the produce raised at the home.

A trusted confidant to Philadelphia’s beloved Ben Franklin, William Coleman was a highly educated, successful merchant when he built this summer house in 1756. Legend says the woods and nearby ford in the Schuylkill River gave the estate its name. A  patriot, Coleman enjoyed this summer home, with servant’s house and stable, on 12 acres of land. William Coleman and his wife Hannah raised their orphaned nephew George Clymer, who later became a signer of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Cedar Grove

This farmhouse served as the summer residence for five generations of the Coates, Paschall and Morris families of Philadelphia.  Built in 1748-50 by the wealthy widow Elizabeth Coates Paschall, the original small home of grey native stone received numerous additions over the years, with rooms which illustrate the evolving styles of the family as seen through their furnishings.  They enjoyed this lovely summer home until 1888.

It was a gorgeous tour, and a great opportunity for a chance to see in these very historic homes. My only suggestion is to take along a flask with a hot toddy in can get nippy in between houses. Afterwards, our evening ended at Dillsworth Plaza at City Hall for a few cock-a-tails and watched the ice-skaters....a great people watching place. And it finally put me in the mood for the holidays.


Can you believe this amazing actress would have been  116 today! I have only seen Agnes Moorehead in a few movies, all of which I loved and of course adored her in the reruns of Bewitched! And I ask, could anyone do a blue eyeshadow better?

"Permissiveness in society springs from a lack of standards. There must be a rule of behavior, an appreciation of basic values"

"Nudity begins at home. After all, who wants to see everybody flying around in their birthday suit? It takes all the magic and illusion out of the theatre."

" Legalizing prostitution wouldn't make any difference these days anyway. The whole country is loose, so what's the difference. I don't care what everybody else is doing. I just look at whether it's right or wrong."

"It's an unavoidable truth. Fear of life closes off more opportunities for us than fear of death ever does"

A Happy Birthday to You!!!!
Agnes Moorehead
December 6, 1900

Monday, December 5, 2016


Only in New Hope does Santa drive a Vespa.


Well here we are again, Jesus. Just once, I'd like Monday to take a vacation for a few weeks.
I think he agrees.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Yours truly had a busy one. We started to get the Casa decked for the holidays on Friday. On Saturday night I had my first Christmas party to attend, and of course, had to be unzipped and put to bed. The merriment and other earthly delights got the best of me. Then on Sunday I and two other friends went to tour the beautiful homes of Fairmount Park here in Philadelphia. If your in the area go check out the historic tour, called Charms of the Park. I'll share some of that later in the week.

Have you ever decorated with bottle brush trees? The last couple years, I've really been enjoying using them to decorate with. I remember my grandmother using them all over the house and in many ways. They are quite adorable. I would like to amass a few more. But what is the story on them??? The only thing I remember is my grandmother telling me that bottle brush trees and wreaths, was that the Addi’s Bottle Brush Co began to dye their toilet bowl brushes in post-war times and assemble them into Christmas trees. The English, in particular, took to them since they had a shortage of evergreens after the war. It seems now we are currently experiencing quite a revival in interest in these adorable trees, along with full-sized and smaller wreaths. They are  festive don't you think? I can only imagine what the Dog's Mother would come up with for use? Take a gander.....

Sunday, December 4, 2016


  One thing I get asked a lot by friends, and have actually gotten two emails from you is how did I come to meet my social director Anita Moorecock. As one can see, she does have excellent fashion sense, she does work for me for Pete's sake, but I swear she still has that plastic look down.
Well, to tell you the truth, I met her right after my split from the ex. A few of the neighbor ladies from the guild took me to bingo night. With my racy and eyebrow raising lifestyle, I was hesitant to go, but of course just took my gin and bromide to calm my stomach with the sure to be seen tacky outfits I would see. the church the bingo was held at , Anita Moorecock was the church secretary. Well, it turns out I won her in the bingo game!!!! And it was an answer to my prayers. Unbeknownst to me though, the church was trying to unload the poor lass because, well, she enjoyed the men too much. Let's just say she was the original meter maid, men would meet her and have it made!!! So we had a lot in common, I mean between me and her and our sex lives, they could film a Wild Kingdom video.  But I have to be honest, she is a pretty face, but not the brightest bulb on Broadway. I mean, is she dumb! When I first hired her, she was late the first day because she got lost. I said "Where are you?" She said she was in the neighborhood at the corner of walk and don't walk.

One day she handed me a doctors appointment for September 34th. I said Ms.Moorecock, there are only 30 days in the month. It seems she wrote in the rest of the numbers on the blank boxes for each month, she thought they forget to print them!

She thought a flasher opened the coat to show the lining. One day I sent her down to Gertz's Department Store to pick up my packages. She was stranded on a escalator for 6 hours when the power went out! One afternoon at her desk, she was looking at the obits in the paper. She said, 'Isn't it amazing how people die in alphabetical order?

Ms.Moorecock is the only person I know who lost a $50 bet on an instant replay.  She read that 75% of accidents happen close to home. Now she wants to move.

I said oh, look at the poor dead bird. She looked up.

I'll never forget one day she squealed with excitement, because she won a trip around the world. But she turned it down. I asked why? She said, How will I get back? So she took second prize, a pet zebra. She named it Spot.

Oh God. And does she hate flying. I decided to take her on one trip and tricked her into flying. One the way there, the plane blew a engine. The captain said we'd be an hour late getting to our destination. Later a second engine blew. Again the captain said we'd now be three hours late. Then a third blew. The captain assured us it was a fine craft, not to worry, but we'd be even later. Ms.Moorecock says "Jesus Christ, one more engine blows and we'll be up here all night!"

She still can't figure out how the mall map knows "You are Here"

One of my neighbors  is a real bitch. And she happens to be deaf. I know she signs to me bad things. But I had to tell Ms.Moorecock to stop making crank phone calls to her. She wasted $40 at a pay phone.

And she can be cheap. Last year when I left for the Thanksgiving holiday she made this dinner for my stable of houseboys....
How can a stable of growing , muscular boys live on that? It was even worst this year. She bought 6 large meatballs, packed them together and stuck a feather in it!

On December 1 she starts speaking with a Jewish accent.

Being my social director she is also in charge of sending out my Christmas cards. I was very horrified, two years ago, when she mailed out ONE card and called it a chain letter!!!

Last year for Christmas she bought me a bottle of Evening in Newark. It was $2.98 a quart.

One morning I came down for breakfast and she was just sitting there sharing. No replies. I was "what are you doing?" "Not now", she said "The orange juice carton says concentrate." Eye roll.

But the kicker came another morning when she offered to take me and the houseboys for breakfast. For coffee and donuts. I hated it. But the houseboys loved it, they never gave blood before.

I can only wonder what she thinks when she looks in the mirror, which she does a lot.

Thank God she is pretty and fashionable.
People wonder why I then drink so much gin.

Saturday, December 3, 2016


This weekend from the Candy Shop, I'm opening up the special candy case and offering up for the holidays the ever steamy, ever creamy, ever finger licking good, wait, that's meat. Well it seems to fit this very sexy piece of meat...Willie Gomez, a talented dancer and  choreographer. And while on Instagram I discovered his fun Instagram and we have even made contact!!!!! He is ever personable. A good question would be,
Can we EVER have to much WILLIE GOMEZ!?!

Anybody else need a cigarette?
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